NeoCube, CyberCube, Buckyballs free shipping - SET 216pcs NICKEL $10.83

cybercube a revolutionary new magnets puzzle


The CyberCube is toy consisted of powerful magnetic spheres. It's a stress reliever. Each sphere is made from neodymium and is strong enough to hold all left spheres. The CyberCube offer different color as GOLD, BLACK, SILVER and NICKEL. Combination of these color you can create wonderful constructions, shapes, cubes and other 3D objects. With the friends you can create the original Cybercube which contain 216 pcs balls 6x6x6. Check the best time who will be the winner or found some new game. Even you don't have any idea for some game you can stick them to the fridge. It also is a lot more relaxing and stimulating - with so many possiblilties it offers hours of playtime. The CyberCube is a great gift to have on your desk at work or at home.

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Original CyberCube products invented by Nicholas Powell from the United States of America - USA you can find on the page There are avaible different CyberCube as CyberCube in Tin Containers with diameter size 4.7625mm 3/16' inch, color Nickel, Gold, Black, Silver. CyberCube in tin containers contain 224 spheres - 216 pcs + 8 extra spares if you lost some. CyberCube in Green Box have sime diameter size as in Tin Containers, but offer more spheres 343 pcs, from this quantity you can make a cube 7x7x7 or more bigger shapes. Left product from CyberCube which is very popular is CyberCube in Blue Box. The packing contain 216 + 8 spheres, but the different is diameter size 6mm - which is more suitable for building.
04.03.2010 update 24.04.2010

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